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Don’t Buy the iBert Safe-T Seat Until You Read This!

A new way to bike with kids on board!

Growing up, I distinctly remember the off-white child's seat that was permanently attached to the back of my mom's bicycle. My youngest brother is 5 years younger than me, so I also have the image in my mind's eye of his head bobbing happily from side to side as we rode through the park. Ask my mom what she remembers and I guarantee she'll tell you that along with the head bobbing, there was also a lot of arm flailing while tiny legs kicked her in the back. ...All the while struggling to maintain an upright, balanced position with the bike, plus the added weight of the seat and the 30 pound kid. Struggle. Yes, struggle is the right word.

So, what's the solution? Enter: the iBert Safe-T-Seat. It's amazing how the simple act of moving the child from back to front can completely change the whole equation. First and foremost, you are more balanced with the child in front. The child's view is unobstructed, therefore he's much more content, with the world opening up in front of him as mom pedals into places yet unknown. Getting him in and out of the seat is a breeze: just straddle the bike and lift the child into the seat. With the child in front, you can watch him and the road at the same time. No more quick glances behind you to make sure everything is okay, which in and of itself leads to unbalance and a greater chance of accidents.

Overall, safety reins with the iBert making it a superior product to others on the market. It's durable, easy to attach, and reasonably priced. When warm weather comes calling, be equipped with the iBert for smooth riding!  Here is a video review of the iBert.

Update (April 2010):  Amazon is currently running a promotion on the iBert, click here to check it out!

Product Features

  • Allows interaction with your child
  • Child has a clear view
  • No dirt, dust, rocks, or water thrown in child's face
  • Small and easy to attach
  • Easy and safe loading and unloading of child
  • Maintains center of gravity
  • Similar construction to rear-mounted seats
  • One adult can take multiple children for bike rides
  • Easy assembly
  • Full clearance for knees

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